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7 Signs That Your Clothes Aren't Fitting

Fitting is more than just getting your body into a piece of clothes, as it turns out. It's been claimed that if you don't have style, you don't have fit. A proper fit is essential for good style. So, how can you determine if your clothes are too big or too small?

This article is going to show you 9 indicators that your clothes don't fit. But I've got a lot more advice for making sure your clothes fit properly. Check them out below:

Sign No. 1: Your bra is overflowing.

We're going to start with this important undergarment because it's something we often ignore. When you wear a bra that fits properly, though, it may completely change the look of your outerwear as well as your whole appearance. So, how does your bra need to fit?

A. All of the bust tissue should be contained within the cups.

B. There should be no excess water.

C. The core, or the area in between the two cups, should flush with your bust bone.

D. You should be able to raise and lower your arms freely, and the bra carriage should be secure.

E. Your bra should elevate and support "the girls" to their proper position.

F. Approximately 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. A professional fitting should be done at least every two years.

Sign No. 2: You're constantly pulling your sweater down over the waistband of your slacks.

A well-fitting sweater is stylish. However, if it is too large, you will become lost within it. And if it's too little, you'll appear a little befuddled. Let's figure out how to make our sweaters appear professional.

A. The shoulder seam should be just where the shoulder bends, on the edge of your shoulders

B. Your sweater's fabric should drape over your body rather than hug it tightly.

C. Extra fabric under the arm should be avoided. Unless the sweater is specifically intended that way, you shouldn't have bat wings between your arms and your body when you lift your arms halfway up.

D. At the very least, the hem of your sweater should cover the waist band of your pants/jeans/skirt. It is possible that it will be lengthier. Your hem should still cover your midriff when you raise your hands as high as your head.

Sign No. 3: Your blouse's buttons are popping or tugging.

For ladies with a huge bosom, this is a common issue. It can, however, be difficult for ladies with broad shoulders or thick chests. But there's more to finding the right button-up blouse.

A. Shoulder seams should flush with the edge of the shoulders.

B. On the shoulders, the shoulder seams should be flat.

C. Buttons should not be pulled or gaped.

D. If the blouse is fitting, the fabric should skim your body and taper in.

E. The side seams should be parallel to the ground.

F. Check to see if the blouse fits through the waist as well. It should not be too tight around the waist.

Sign No. 4: Your t-shirt is clinging to your backside.

Unless you're wearing a tunic with thin jeans or leggings, you don't want your top to cover your entire backside. What's to stop you? Isn't that a great technique to cover your flabby rump or big hips? No, that's a great method to bring attention to those issue regions while also throwing your proportions off.

Let's have a look at how your shirt should be worn.

A. On your shoulders, the shoulder seams should be flat.

B. Unless the top is clearly styled otherwise, the end seam of the shoulder should rest flat on the edge of your shoulder, not too close to your neck or hanging over the edge of your arm.

C. In general, we want the shirt's body to skim the body, allowing you to breathe but not creating big pockets of air.

D. Check that the shirt also fits across the garments sweep in the middle of the hips.

E. It's excellent if the top accentuates your body's curves while hiding any undergarment indentations.

Sign No. 5: Your jeans are smiling or frowning at you.

Your jeans are too tight if the front panel is crumpled into a smile when you look in the mirror. However, if the same panel is sagging into a frown, it is clearly too loose. So, how do you want your jeans to fit?

By the way, did you know that it takes an average of 15 pairs of jeans to find a pair that fits properly? Yes!! It isn't just about you, we all have to try on a number of different pairs of jeans. So please don't give up.

Sign No. 6: Your dress pants hug your thighs.

Dress or suit pants are usually meant to cling to your hips and skim your back and hips. Even though modern fashions are more body-conforming, they should not be too tight.

Two fingers should fit comfortably into the waistband of your slacks.

A. Your waistline should be snug enough to tuck your shirt in but not too tight around your waist.

B. You want your slacks to be able to move freely without wrinkling or puckering in the front panel. The front panel should not be clinging to the body.

C. When you're standing or walking, your front pockets should be flat. When you sit, they'll probably pucker up a little. That's OK.

D. The increase should be to your liking in terms of comfort and proportion, but it should not move.

Sign No. 7 - At the hips, you can't pinch one inch of your skirt.

While certain skirts are made to hug your body, the fabric should have some space and not be too tight. You want to be able to move smoothly in your skirt, after all.

Let's go through some more tips for finding skirts that fit.

A. The waistband of your skirt should be snug, but not too tight, like the waistline of your dress pants. Check to see if any fasteners are being pulled.

B. You should be able to squeeze an inch of cloth around the hips of your skirt to ensure that you have enough room or flexibility to move and sit comfortably.

C. Make sure your pockets aren't too big.

D. When standing straight, the slit in the back of the skirt should be closed.

E. The side seams should run perpendicular to the floor, the whole length of the garment.

F. Unless otherwise specified, side slits should be closed and perpendicular to the floor.

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