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Ways To Identify Quality Ankara

The use of ankara as a textile for clothing is popular in Nigeria with millions of people, ensuring that this is one trend that will remain popular forever. It is well-known all over the world for the vibrant patterns that it features and the alluring sparkling hues that it offers. Ankara fabric of poor quality, on the other hand, can completely ruin your appearance. Because of this, we are going to provide you with the ways to identify quality ankara.


Stunning patterns inspired by Ankara are now available on a wide range of different materials. Fabrics such as silk, jersey, satin, denim, and a variety of others are regularly utilized in the production of Ankara clothes. The only way to obtain genuine Ankara is to search for fabrics that are made entirely of cotton, despite the fact that the other materials might be quite beautiful.


Fabric made of Ankara that has been professionally painted has an outstanding level of durability. In contrast to materials of lower quality, good Ankara can withstand abrasive motions without being marred by scratches or other damage. You can determine if there is a mark on the fabric by lightly scratching it with a coin or your fingernail to see if there is a mark.

Water: Although patterned Ankara gives the impression that it is a very dense fabric, it is actually made entirely of cotton, so it must exhibit the characteristics of cotton, such as its ability to quickly absorb water and dry afterward. This ability is one of the reasons why patterned Ankara gives the impression that it is a very dense fabric. Put your Ankara fabric through its paces by immersing it in water to test its quality.

Simple weave: The Ankara fabric is famous for its durability, and the plain weave is chiefly responsible for the fabric's ability to last for a long time. Plain weave is regarded to be one of the toughest forms of cloth that can be found everywhere in the globe. If you want your new Ankara outfit to last you for years to come, you should look for a plain weave as a sign of quality when you are shopping for it.


Because of the qualities of the cotton thread and the fundamental weave that was utilized. The resilience of the fabric known as "Ankara" is well-known. Because of its ability to withstand heavy usage without tearing, it is widely used not only for sewing clothing but also for making accessories like handbags and shoes. This is due to the fact that it is a popular choice.

In spite of its toughness and strength, the Ankara fabric has one of the smoothest and most pleasant textures to the touch. Just putting your hands on the material can be the quickest and easiest way to discover whether or not the Ankara cloth you are considering purchasing is of high quality. The answer to each question on this test can be found below. Put some thought to the Ankara fabric you wish to purchase and pat it. If the Ankara you are currently holding in your hands is of high quality, it will be great to work with and wear if it is silky and smooth, easily crumpled, and quickly returns to its original shape.

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