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Stop Calling It 'Bathroom Slippers' it's Wrong, Here Is The Correct Name

The evolution and civilization of man has brought about a lot of things quite out of place since the creation of man. One of those things is the need for man to put on clothes on the body and feel so uncomfortable being unclad so that when anyone is seen in such situation, it is supposed to be unusual. The need to put on a footwear on our foot is another of it.

A lot of footwear are there in the market and are mostly worn to different events or for different reasons. Examples include shoes, sandals etc.

There is this particular type of footwear people ignorantly refer to as 'Bathroom slippers' when it actually is not the right name for it but the name has come to stay because most of the times, because of it's water resistant abilities, it is often worn to places involving water including bathrooms while taking your bath or laundry.

The correct name is 'flip-flops'. A sandal which consists of a rubber sole fastened to the foot by a rubber thong fitting between the toes and around the sides of the foot.


Slippers is a low soft shoe that can be slipped on and off easily.

Now you have known the difference, ensure to share with your ensure so they do not make such mistake again.

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