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Clothes That Men Should Wear On A First Date

When it comes to what outfit to wear for your first date, it can be a bit confusing, because you don't want to overdress or undress.

First date is like going for a job interview, as it is important to dress appropriately when going for a job interview that is how it is important to make a good impression when going for a first date. In this article we are going to look at options of outfits you can choose from to make a good impression.

Black Suit

Black suits can be worn to dinner dates, this outfit shows that you appreciate the woman by taking your time to put on a suit. 

Blue Dress Shirt and trouser pants

Dress shirt should be the most basic outfits that you can choose from, just make sure it is cleaned and well ironed. It can also be worn to dinner dates or wine tasting.


Now there are different kinds of jacket such as jeans, leather, windbreaker and Cardigan. This outfits can be worn when it is a fun activity such as the amusement park, picnic and the rest out door activity. 


This type of clothes can be worn for sports activity as first dates, like a basketball game.

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Black Suit Blue


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