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Meet Don Richie, the Ghananian Man who dresses like a Woman

For some years now, there has been a rise in cross-dressed men across the country. When it comes to crossdressing in Africa as a whole, one of the most popular among them is Bobrisky. Even though the clothes he wears are beautiful on him, he also has an amazing physique that makes him look more like a woman.

However, there is another Ghanaian crossdresser who many people probably don't know about, who is very good at what he does. His name is Don Richie. The Ghanaian businessman has said on several occasions that his style and fashion might be loud and weird, but still, it is his signature.

Mr. Richie has a big and thriving Zara boutique in Ghana. One of his reasons for wearing women's clothing is to model some of his merchandise. He also patronizes some local designers. When he was asked about his fashion sense, he disclosed that everyone who knows about fashion will understand that fashion is madness, even though he is not mad.

The 3 differences between him and the Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky, are that Richie doesn't apply heavy makeup, he doesn't wear leggings, and he doesn't enhance his skin to look like a woman. Richie's fashion sense was adopted from Scottish males who wear what seems to be a skirt with tartan patterns. In Scotland, it is called a Kilt, a product of the amazing Gaelic heritage that modern-day Scots are very proud of.( A Scottish Man wearing kilt || Photo credit: Pinterest)

While some people believe that kilts are only used by the Royal Guards and bagpipe players, the truth is that anyone can buy a kilt and wear it openly without any hassle at all. It is becoming a very fashionable item for formal occasions such as graduations and weddings.

The popularity of clothes has been extended to many other countries. Most especially by tourists who visit Scotland.

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