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Using Garlic: Get Rid of All Mosquitoes in Your House Fast and Easy

Well, the rainy days have definitely arrived and that means, you need to protect yourself from those annoying mosquitoes. Although mosquitoes seem to be a problem all-year-round for everyone here in Nigeria, there's a solution experts say can help you fight back, the only ingredient you need is garlic.

Mosquitoes bite your skin and suck your blood and as if that's not bad enough, mosquito bites can also cause life-threatening health challenges and some other things that can be very harmful to humans.

Using garlic as mosquito repellent has been known to fight against mosquitoes, and it is proven to reduce mosquito populations after about two weeks up to 90% and that works out to a lot of dead mosquitoes.

For a long time, people got rid of mosquitoes by spraying something that would actually repel them, but this new process is different in that it actually lures mosquitoes in and once lured in, mosquitoes are no match garlic.

While using garlic as a repellent is bad for mosquitoes, it's not bad for the environment. It's also natural. There's no harmful chemicals or pesticide inside it.

How to make it

Step 1: Peel a sufficient amount of garlic into a bowl, wash and empty it into a mortar for pounding or you can preferably use an electric blender. Add a small amount of water to make it liquid.

Step 2: Sieve out the mix in order to get the water/garlic oil from it. Then pour it into a sufficient amount of water. Shake it well and pour it into an empty spray bottle.

Step 3: Spot areas around your house that mosquitoes tend to stay more and spray your new mixture there.

Here are some other natural scents you can use to keep mosquitoes from bugging you:

1. Lavender oil

Lavender doesn't only smell nice, it's also known to be extremely useful in fighting off mosquitoes. Its ultimate secret is that it's highly concentrated and contains essential volatile oils including an alcohol called vinyl or that naturally protects the lavender from insects and that's why mosquitoes hate lavender so much.

A 2009 study published in the Journal of vector ecology even showed that a line of little diffusers are 93 percent effective indoors and 58 percent effective outdoors when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away. To see these amazing effects for yourself, apply a few drops of lavender oil on your skin rub it in and go on with your day. It'll take care of any nearby mosquitoes while nourishing your skin and keeping you healthy-looking as a bonus.

2. Tea tree oil

While we're on the topic of oils, let's talk about another essential ingredient in fighting mosquitoes which is tea tree oil. This type of oil contains a powerful combination of antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. A study that was published in the Australian journal of entomology in 2010 showed that repellents that contained tea tree oil are exceptionally effective against mosquitoes.

One of the best ways to use it is to rub it around your windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house. And according to the American college of healthcare sciences, tea tree oil can also help get rid of irritation. If you already got bitten, just apply the oil directly to the affected area and you'll instantly feel relief.

3. Vanilla

Even though everyone loves vanilla, mosquitoes can't stand it. So as always all you have to do is make an all-natural vanilla spray whenever you're about to go hiking, meet up with some friends outside or go for a stroll outdoors.

Make two teaspoons of vanilla with one cup of water, put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray yourself with it. You can also take it with you to stay protected at all times. Not only will you smell nice but your natural body odor will be masked so that no mosquito can detect you. The same thing goes for your yard garden and home if you notice a mosquito, spray this vanilla water mix and a couple of minutes later, that buzzing little bugger will be gone for good.

Just make sure that the vanilla you picked from the store is pure and doesn't contain any added sugar or alcohol otherwise it won't give you the results you're looking for.

4. Black pepper

Here's yet another natural mosquito repellent that you probably have in your kitchen right now. Black pepper allows you to cover your natural smell so that it won't be on any mosquito's radar. Just remember that black pepper can't actually kill mosquitoes in your home it just assures that they won't bite you.

So, if that's what you're looking for, just apply a bit of black pepper oil to your skin and there you go. Make sure not to put too much of it on though as picaridin can cause skin irritation that's why you should do a patch test on your wrist and wait for about 30 minutes to check if it's safe for you. If everything's fine, then you're good to go.

5. Apple cider vinegar

This is a truly multi-purpose remedy that can help you with just about any possible problem including mosquitoes. It's not uncommon to have it at home so next time your place is under attack by these annoying little bugs, make your own apple cider vinegar repellent spray to scare them away.

Put water and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions in your spray bottle, spray on places where insects normally gather and wait for the results the next morning, all the mosquitoes will be long gone. You can also add a few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus or lemon oil to double the effect of this homemade spray. If you're going outside, rub some apple cider vinegar on the open areas of your bodies to keep mosquitoes off.

Bottom line

Mosquitoes are naturally killed by the scent of garlic extract and garlic solution. Therefore, garlic makes an insect repellent that works well on humans, susceptible plants, shrubs and grasses that traditional treatments can be harmful. Garlic is a natural solution that produces fast results that are long-lasting enough to compete with some insecticide products.

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