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Home-made Tumeric Face Mask, See How Effective It is! (Photos)

In quest for a soft, delicate and smooth face, people go beyond expectations which in the end put their face at risk of cancer, acnes and pimples breakout.

There are several home made remedies to pimples and also to get that smooth and soft baby skin feel you want for your face.

Ranging from Ginger paste to cucumber, lemon juice and tomato paste. Mind you all these aforementioned natural occurring Vegetables and fruits has amazing benefits to the skin. But some people still go to extent of applying garlic paste on their face, this is wrong.

Garlic is not medically recommended to be used on the skin like that. It's very bad. Garlic irritates the skin and causes itches on sensitive skin.

Let's take a close look at Tumeric face mask. This is a hidden solution to both skin and bone related issues.

Tumeric is an acient spice from Asia origination. Tumeric has a potential power to serve as a skin pore tightner which prevents further acne breakout.

Tumeric when being absorbed in skin helps to lighten pigmentation caused by the sun, black spots and even bleaching creams. In all, tumeric evens the skin and brings out your natural Complexion.

Always bear in mind that that tumeric is medically adviced for skin related issues and till date no approved or indicated side effects has been proven to be caused by Tumeric.

See how to make your Tumeric face mask below!

1. Get you milled tumeric powder

2. Have your fresh lemon juice, in the absence of this use distilled water which is free from contaminations.

3. Get your fresh tomato bulb and grate it.

Mix these constituents together properly.

Use the mixture 3 to 4 days a week for a better result.

Try and store in refrigerator to keep it cold she fresh, never preserve in freezers as this will freeze thereby diminishing it's potentials as water particles has been introduced into the mixture by ice.

That's me above, when I use the face mask preferably at nights before shower.

Never sleep with the mask on, as this will stain your bedsheets and pillow cases. Avoid rubbing in eyes as you can see in the image above.

The image below is I as well.

Hope this article was of benefits to you?

kindly leave your responses in the Comment session below.


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