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5 Ways To Accessorise Using Buttons

Do you know that buttons used to be a sign of affluence and high status in the medieval age? Nowadays buttons are used for both functional and decorative reasons. There are different sizes and shapes of buttons; they are also made from several materials.

 Keep reading for some ways to accessorize using buttons. 

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1. A button necklace. This here is one of the coolest necklaces you can ever rock. The button necklace is quite unconventional. You can either purchase one or carry out a DIY project by yourself. The button necklace can be paired with different outfits: trousers, blouses, jumpsuits, dresses, and the likes. 

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2. Button earrings. To get the best look out of this accessory, get fabric covered button earrings. Although, you can also use regular buttons. Just ensure you love your earrings because that is all that matters. 

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3. Button Bracelets. Believe it or not, you can make some bracelets out of buttons. Though they might look cheesy or childish, they will serve as a perfect accessory for your children and teens. 

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4. Button brooches. These are perfect accessories for blazers and suits. You can also use them on your blouses. Brooches made from buttons are not so common and surely, you will stand out when you use any. 

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5. Button Hair combs. Great to use as a hair accessory, you can style your hair using button hair combs. Just like the other button accessories, you can make one by yourself or buy a ready-made hair comb.

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Would you like to rock one of these button accessories? Write your comments below. 

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