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Who Age Faster Between Men And Women?

There's no question that men and women age differently. Obviously, genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, and environment affect how people of either gender age, but the rate and way that men and women age is completely different.

While it’s a fact that women statistically live longer than men worldwide, which of us looks younger while doing all the ageing.

Why women age faster than men after 50 •

Statistically men die an average 5 years earlier than women no matter which country you live in, so clearly there are differences between the two sexes that can show difference.

Why do Women Age Faster Than Others? | Artiste Plastic Surgery


Testosterone actually encourages the development of thicker skin and by at least 25 percent more. Regarding oestrogen, having the fluctuating and drastic hormone changes does take effect on the skin elasticity whereas men generally keep a consistently decreasing hormonal level.

Hydrate to dominate:

Men obviously are perspiration champions thanks to their higher body temperatures. All of this leads to a better level of tissue hydration.

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