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Court wedding? Get bridal inspiration for your big day

Weddings mean more than just the joining of a man and woman, hot Jollof, cakes and champagne. They are a symbol of love and commitment.

With the right partner, it is a once in a lifetime event and this makes it a very special moment. These days, court weddings are gaining popularity among couples and just like a white wedding, a bride has to turn up in style.

Evey bride differs from the other. Some prefer simple elegant outfits while others go for more extravagant ones. Here are some ideas for simple but flattering dresses for a court wedding.

If you are a risk taker, you could add an embroidery of a different color, a fascinator, or even go for brightly colored shoes and accessories.

For more daring looks, choose a dress with a slit or flamboyance.

You could also choose to walk down the aisle in a classy jumpsuit like these.

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