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Trendy Ankara Pocket Dresses

With the several Ankara styles trending on the street, it can be overwhelming to know the style to choose for your next event. If this sounds like your present situation, choosing a simple and stylish style is the key, especially if you don't like too much attention. That way, you don't have to worry about picking from millions of styles or buying extra fabric for your clothes. 

By going simple, we mean choosing a short native gown. It is simple and comfortable and distinct from the usual styles you see around. Also, it is functional as you can keep your wallets and phones inside your pocket. Let's delve into some of the trendiest styles you can sew with your Ankara fabric.

Sleeveless pocket dress

If you want to leave the long sleeves out, a simple sleeveless Ankara dress is the best. It allows your skin to breathe conveniently and allows you to flex.

Flare gown with pocket

A flare gown is another comfortable gown you can sew with side pockets. This can be your one chance to striking a pose for pictures. All you need is to dip your hands in the pocket and stretch your legs forward.

Boubou dress with pockets

Boubou gown comes in both short and long-form, but you can add some side pockets to yours. The common pocket trends with boubou are usually larger and wider than the usual pockets. Also, the pockets tend to be in the front instead of the sides.

Long sleeves Ankara gown with pockets

A long sleeve Ankara style can give you a smarter casual Friday look at work. 

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