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The true love of motherhood.

The mother's love is uncommon. This unique love make them dare life, so that their baby can live. A wise man said, " A woman with 4 children, died 4 times" . It is easy to figure this out. Their labor time or period is between live and death. And so, a woman with 4 kids went through hell for 4 different times. A very terrible and hurrible experiences.

There are many lessons to learn from the woman labour room experience. The very moment she sees her new born baby, she forget about her pain. After a successful delivery of the new born baby, happiness comes. The first lesson here, is that no matter how long one has been struggling or suffering. A successful breakthrough can erase your past sad story.

During the labor period, in the delivery room. The pain and discomfort make some women to curse their husbands. But before you start judging them, have you ever being in the labor room before, if yes, than you should be the first to cast your stone of judgement. The pain and agony they went through are simply beyond description. Some even say some things that they don't realize. It's really not convenent and comfortable for them.

But, two week after the whole widerness experience. If the same husband come back from work, with a nylon bag of suya or her favorite gift. and demand that her attention is needed again, right inside the room. The pain of the past can't stop the reproduction moment. The past pain wasn't strong enough. It would have been buried and forgotten. If you understand what I mean, than help me draw the conclusion and lesson from this last point.

In case you didn't, than, you shouldn't hear from my mouth that the wife of a certain president gossips. See you in the next posts and articles, remember to like and follow.

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