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3 Fashion Moments Of Peace Ogor That Would Make You Look Chic And Classy.

Fashion is the physical representation of one’s personality to the public, Peace understands this and ensured that she rocked the ones that best compliments her skin tone. There are many women who wanted to pull off this exquisite look, but none came close to how Peace Ogor rocked it.

Peace is a beautiful woman, she has been on the lips of many ever since her eviction from the big brother Naija house. She was a well-reserved girl, giving us pictures of her looking dashing in her choice of outfits. Beautiful women should pay close attention to her closet, incorporating her dress styles.

Below are 3 fashionable moments of Peace and how exquisite she looked in them.

1. The short outfit.

This is an outfit rocked by this beautiful woman, she knows her way around fashionable outfits. The dress style is short, stopping a few inches above her knee level. The outfit has a dull color, complimenting her skin tone perfectly.

Fashion is more than rocking expensive outfits, it is used to portray one’s personality to the public.2. The suit dress style.

This is another outfit rocked by Peace, it made her look a fierce lady. Many women tried their best to pull off the look, but none comes close to how she rocked it. The dress style is a 2-piece outfit, consisting of a jacket and trouser.

3. The long gown.

This outfit is unique, making it alluring to the human eyes. Many women love to rock the long outfits since it doesn’t reveal sensitive parts of their body. Peace rocked the outfit with style, making her the center of attention.

The long outfit is armless, making it suitable for the hot weather. This dress style is unique and sophisticated, it takes an experienced fashion designer to pull it off.

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Peace Peace Ogor


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