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Do You Still Shave Your Body Hair? See 5 Good Reasons You Should Stop Shaving It.

Whether you decide to shave your body or not is your personal choice. But, the truth is there are a lot of positive things that will happen to your body if you stop shaving your body hair. On that note, Let me ask this question: Are you still shaving your body hair? If your answer is YES, continue reading to see five(5) good reasons everyone should stop shaving their body hair.

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1. Your body hair protects you from dangerous pathogens.

It would interest you to know that your body hair prevents dangerous pathogens from gaining access into our body. Please note that this hair protects sensitive part of our body, especially the public regions of the body by collecting dangerous bacteria. Furthermore, the hair protects us from skin bruising and irritation. So, why shave it?

2. The body hair serve as s natural temperature regulator.

Since the body hair helps to keep the body warm, shaving your body hair means you're losing a natural temperature regulator. Note that this is specifically correct for areas where hair are thickest i.e the armpit and other public areas.

3. The body hair prevents soreness of the skin caused by irritation.

Incase you didn't know, the body hair helps to prevent the skin from chafing. An area of the body worth noting is the armpit where soreness and skin irritation can arise as a result of friction. So, the body hair serves as a protective covering for the skin.

4. You can easily get rid of ingrown hairs.

As we all know ingrown hairs are hairs that grow in the reverse direction, instead of growing outward, they grow inside the skin.

Ingrown hairs can cause a lot of discomfort, infact, they can cause serious health challenges when they get infected. So when you don't shave your body hair, you're preventing them from getting infected.

5. Lastly, not shaving will save you some money and time.

It is a fact that shaving takes time, especially if you want to do a perfect job. Beyond that, it could also be expensive because you would also have to buy some other facial treatment cream like after-shave cream, after-shave powder, etc.

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