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Would You Like To Make Your Cheap Outfits Look More Expensive [Read This]

Inexpensive clothing and accessories (lacking high-end designer labels) can look like you have spent a lot of money on them. All you need is a good eye, a bit of creativity, and maybe a few small tweaks from here to there.

Let’s dive into the list to see how you can make your outfits look more expensive.

1. Don’t Buy Or Keep Something That Doesn’t Fit

It’s not uncommon to hang on to things that don’t fit or suit you anymore in the expectation that one day they’ll be fine. Holding on to those clothes you can’t wear physically is one of the worst things you can do if you want to enhance your style.

2. Glam Up

If your lipstick is finished, your nails are sculpted (or even polished and filed), and there’s no hair out of place? It means you’ve taken attention to detail seriously and most likely will have good consideration of your wardrobe.

3. Try To Have A Few Dressier Pieces In Your Wardrobe

Most women likely feel like they need to wear something different and hence anything new when they are going to an event. Instead of buying something unique for just some occasions, aim to have some more versatile dresser items in your wardrobe.

4. Spend More On Classics

For classic pieces that always remain in style (like a pair of dark wash skinny jeans or a tailor-made blazer), think about spending more on those items and mixing them with your cheaper clothes.

5. Pay A Close Eye To The Details

Uneven stitching, cheap plastic buttons, or crooked zippers can blow your cost-conscious cover. Make sure to keep a close eye on the details especially if you are buying from the market

6. Avoid Too Much Fake Bling

Buying inexpensive jewelry is great, but always be wary of going overboard. Go for strong pieces of gold or silver instead of gems and diamonds. Plus you can give them a coat of clear nail polish to prevent them from becoming tarnished too fast.

7. Dark Wash Jeans Will Always Look Best

The best way to spot a cheap pair of jeans is through their fading, shrinking, and details. It’s best to stick to jeans that are dark or have a strong pair of black or colored jeans.

8. Stick With Black And White

Often falsely being accused of being boring by fashionistas is the black and white scheme, but in fact, it is timeless and always stays chic for every season.

9. Follow The 90/10 Rule

Try and keep 90 percent of your lower-priced items in shades of black, white, gray, or a combination of those shades and the other 10% full of patterns and color.

10. Go For Sturdier Bags

Less streamlined bags that slouch and that are baggy look less expensive than clean crisp lines that are sturdier when buying a handbag. 

11. When Trying To Appear Taller

Make sure that your pants reach their best length on your waist (high waisted jeans are best) and wear elongated necklaces and necklines to add and elongate your height. 

12. Wear Patterns Diligently

Mixing pattern requires a great deal of color theory, balance, and composition knowledge. So if you are trying to accomplish a patterned look and you still want to wear a print, choose one you love and pair it with a good basic.

13. Match Your Hardware

When you wear a gold-buttoned navy blue shirt, don’t wear a silver buckle shoe “Hardware” is an object like a belt or a shoe buckle, buttons, zippers, chains on a bag.

14. Replace Zippers And Buttons

Replacing inexpensive-looking buttons or tiny zippers can make a big difference in making cheap clothing look like it costs a lot more.

15. Question Every Purchase

Ask yourself while shopping: “Is this piece going to help me build the look I love?” You’re going to be surprised how many times you’re going to put away something when you ask yourself this.

16. Add Accessories For The Very Last Detail

Accessories are going to either make or break an outfit! Whether its a ring on your finger, a statement bag, a bunch of bangles on your wrist, or a good hat? Make sure to always include a few accessories to complete your look.

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