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How And When To Use A Durag

As a lady, there are only a few things in your wardrobe that work for almost every season. They are timeless, very popular, classic, and incredibly important. These pieces are consistently in style, and they go with anything you combine them with. 

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We've gathered a rundown of some of these awesome pieces for you. 

1. Pants 

These are a staple that you should have, as they go with a few looks you should take a stab at. They are ideally suited for keeping your legs warm, and when you don't have a clue what to wear. 

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2. Pencil skirts 

Ideal for each outfit decision, your wardrobe isn't finished without having any less than one of these. 

3. Shirt 

You need to spruce up occasionally, and a button-up shirt is the right one to get everything done. From formal wear to semi-formal, to easygoing wear, they work extraordinary. 

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4. Overcoat 

This one is more for formal wear, yet it can truly turn anything it is matched with, into a banger outfit. 

5. Minimal dark dress 

This rundown isn't finished without a somewhat dark dress since it is a fundamental garment. Whatever the occasion, it works impeccably and makes you look trendy easily. 

6. Shirts 

Obviously, you need these to pull off those perfect easygoing looks you need to shake occasionally.

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