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Men list dressings that irritate them in women generally

There is no denying that one man's meat is another man's poison. This also applies to what we wear in the name of looking fashionable.

Although this article is for the ladies, especially if you want to have suitors and get married in this generation. This post is giving you an opportunity to know the preference of an average Nigerian man when it comes to fashion for ladies.

As a twitter users asked men "name something that a woman wears that irritates you" basically this could also become a turn off.

Here are some comments/threads from Nigeria men, do well to observe well.

If you still wear hair nets and move around your neighborhood, it's old school please stop it.

Crooks has eventually turned into an all purpose shoe for some people. They can afford to wear it on any outfit.

I was in church one Sunday, frankly the hall wasn't even so bright and there was this lady with sunglasses Inside the church. I watched as she struggled to her seat when it was time to give offerings and frankly, it was such a turn off for me.

I know this wear comes with nighties, but I see some ladies wear it around in town. Why!

Once an outfit becomes too common, it gets irritating to Even look at. You might be following the trend but hey, most men don't like that.

Sometimes, it's not putting on the outfit thays the issue but how you put it on. Most bonnets ladies wear around ate actually for sleeping at night so your hair won't get tangled.

Seriously, this Bikers short is too revealing, showing cleavage is one thing, but what this reveals is on a whole other level and many guys don't appreciate it.

Most men don't even like waist beads, but then how about wearing multiple ones?

You might want to review your dress sense and what you put on your body. It Will definitely help you if you attend to settle down as a woman.

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