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8 Time-Saving Makeup Hacks Every Busy Woman Should Know

You'll agree with me that every morning, almost all women are in a haste to go to work, and sometimes even forget to put themselves together (do make up) or forget to carry the correct makeup bag.

It's due to this challenge that this article is centred on sharing with you some makeup hacks that are time-saving.

1. Blush with lipstick

Did you know that many lipstick components are identical to those found in cream blushes? For a rosy glow on the move, dab a dot or two of lipstick into the apples of your cheeks. Before I smear lipstick on my cheeks, I always make sure it's not too brown or too matte.

2. Dry shampoo with Loose Matte Powder.

Makeup Forever Microfinishing Loose Powder doubles as a (very expensive) dry shampoo in a hurry. If you have dark hair, flip your head over and sprinkle powder on the underside of your roots for the same effect.

3. Use Vaseline or Lip Balm as a Brow Tamer or Highlighter.

Vaseline on your cheekbones can work as a highlighter, and a dab of petroleum jelly can tame unruly brows when your complexion is looking dull and your brows are refusing to cooperate.

4. Make an eyeliner out of mascara.

With your mascara, line your eyes with a tiny brush. If you don't have a little brush, you can smear the line with the tip of the mascara applicator (very carefully!) for a smoky look. Just remember to remove it all using makeup remover at the end of the day if you've had a hard day.

5. Tame Flyaways with Hand Lotion.

This cosmetic method is simple and effective when you're in a hurry. Use only a pea-sized amount of lotion to avoid the wet-look hair trend that swept the runways last year (unless that's the vibe you're looking for, of course).

6. Apply bronzer to your eyes as an eye shadow.

With this makeup technique, you can extend the life of your beauty purchases. It's even better if your bronzer contains some glitter or highlighter.

7. As a foundation, use concealer.

To make a quick foundation alternative, mix a drop of liquid or light cream concealer with your moisturizer.

If you don't have any moisturizer on hand, you can use liquid concealer as a full-coverage foundation. Apply a little layer on your skin, mix thoroughly, and you're good to go.

8. As a moisturizer, use Argan Oil or Hair Oil.

If you're out of facial moisturizer, use some of the Argan oil you'd normally use on your split ends to spread on your face instead.

Kindly share these important beauty hacks with other ladies.

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