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6 types of stylish bra ideas for busty women

Finding the perfect type of bra can be a struggle for most women especially, busty woman. Not only is it hard to find bras that are made in a wide range of cup sizes but to find the one that is comfortable, supporting and flattering can seem almost impossible.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 6 types of bra ideas to choose from for busty women and outfits that can be worn on them.

1. Full coverage bra

A full coverage bra helps in preventing spillage from both sides of the bust and can create an appealing look to accentuate your body no matter the type of dress you are wearing. It offers a gentle lift and proper fit and support that covers the entire bust all at once.

2. Side support bra

The best minimizer bra with side support are perfect for those who are side heavy and require more forward projection. This type of bra is suitable for women whose bust are not perfectly rounded.

3. The longline bra

This classic bra style can help to create a smooth look especially when worn underneath a snug outfit by extending further down towards the stomach and torso. It offers more support for big busts which in turn promotes good posture.

4. Contour bras

If you are pondering over which type of bra is good for a heavy bust, then proceed to purchasing the contour bra as it is one of the best support bras for busty women especially women with a heavier breast. It helps to enhance the natural curves of a woman by sculpting her breast into a symmetrical shape.

5. Sports bra

This type of bra provides adequate support to busty women especially during physical exercise. The sports bra helps to alleviate discomfort by minimizing breast movement. It is the best bras for lift and support during exercise.

5. Bralettes

This type of bra serves as the perfect mix between a crop top and a bra by providing adequate support and comfort for big chested women, different from the traditional type of bra.

6. Soft cup bra

This type of bra offers comfort and support especially to busty women who do not fancy underwired bras. It is one of the best bras for fully busty women.

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