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Kogi to the World: Check out these Amazing Cultural Attires of Igala, Ebira and Bassa-nge

Cultural Attire is begining to gain more recognition these days, and it's a very good. It not as if they were not present, but they were not loved by many. These days, in Traditional marriages, you will see the bride and groom dressed in their individual cultural attire. The outfits adds to the beauty of the day and makes them to remember where they come from.

Kogi State is in the central Region of Nigeria. It is popularly called the confluence State because of the confluence of River Niger and River Benue. The State has about 4 major ethnic group or tribes (Igala, Ebira, Kabba and Bassa). The Igala's are the most populous tribe in the state, the Ebira's and Kabba are also many but they can't be compared to the Igala's.

Here are the Cultural Attires of the tribes.

1. Igala's

The name of the Cultural attire is called "Achi". The above colours you can see have their own respective significance. You can mix the colours with black or white. In most Igala traditional marriages, you will see the couple putting them on, and whenever they have an occasion to attend, you will see them on it.

Here are more photos of them below

2. Ebira

Ebira has two major cultural attire, the first one is the black and white stripes while the second one is a white, blue and red stripes. Check out more adorable photos of them below

3. Bassa-ngeBassa-nge is another ethnic group in Kogi State. Although they are not as populous as the above two tribes, they are some how related to Nupes. The colours of their cultural attire is Green, white and sky blue. They also make use of the wrapper above as their cultural attire.

Here are more Photos Below

Kogi State has one of the best cultural attires and the above photos has shown that. If you think there is another one that's better than this ones, then post them in the comment section.

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