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Know the names of the Neck cut styles in your Blouses and Gowns.

It is essential as a lady to know the names of the neck cut styles in our blouses and gowns. This way, we can make an easier and clearer description of what type of neck cut style we want when buying or when sewing.

1. The U Neck

The U Neck is cut in the letter U shape. It is a very common and beautiful style.

2. The O Neck or the Round Neck

This is beautiful neck cut too and it is very common in T-shirts.

3. The V Neck:

The V neck style is cut in the letter V form. Beautiful on blouses and short gowns.

5.The boat Neckline:

The boat neckline is such an elegant neck style. It's most beautiful and elegant for Red carpets or Dinner party.

6.The jewel Neckline

This is called the Jewel neckline because it is always cut in the Shape of a necklace. You do not need to wear a necklace whenever you put on this type of style.

7.The Cowl Neck

We all are well familiar with this style, it is called the Cowl Neck.The Cowl Neck also comes in another different sexy style such as:

8.The Plunging Neckline

This is such a very sexy Neck Style and it is similar to the V Neck but it is not the V neck style. It perfectly fit for both blouse and gown.

9.The square Neck

The square neck is such a beautiful cut style too. Most Ladies love it.

10. The Off shoulder

Who doesn't love the off shoulder style ? Absolutely nobody except our parents who thinks our chest are more exposed in this style.

11.The Halter Neck

Well, don't be surprised , this is the real halter neck. We are well familiar with it but most people don't know it's an halter neck.

Amazing thing is, it also comes in different cuts aside the one above.

12. The Halter Stripe

And this is what we mostly refer to as halter neck but it's is called the halter stripe.

Content created and supplied by: Kiki_Blinky (via Opera News )

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