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Hausa Girls are the Most Beautiful set of Ladies.

The word Arewa simply means “north”. Arewa is mostly dominated by the Hausa’s as even the work arewa was derived from Hausa. It is a Language term for the north. Their ladies are usually very beautiful sets of women. They are often tall and fair in completion, polite and well-mannered they are part of the most beautiful sets of ladies in Nigeria. They are of good moral and know for high moral decadence, they dress responsibly without exposing or showing off any part of their bodies.

Sad enough a survey from UNICEF has it that Northern Nigeria, Arewa has a track record of high rates in child mirage, illiteracy, poverty and gender based violence. But when it comes to beauty there are No 1, show me an areaway girl that is not beautiful and I will rum marathon from Kano to Lagos. It is not pride it is self-confidence. Let me know in the commetn section below what you think about Arewa Ladies. Don't forget to follow mw so as to get more update.

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