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Women Could Experience These Things If They Are Putting On The Wrong Bra Size

Putting on the wrong size of Bra could cause some serious problems to you as a lady, you should know ur cup/burst size. to avoid buying a tight bra, get a proper fit for your boobs, a bra that will make you feel free and not uncomfortable.

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BREAST PAIN - If your bra is too tight, your boobs will hurt you immediately. Getting a fitting size of Bra will help you feel comfy and not experience pain.

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NECK PAIN - Women with large breasts are more likely to wear a bra that doesn't provide enough support and this may lead to posture problems and pain. You might feel back pains and don't know it's cause, could be your undersized bra.

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NIPPLE PAIN - if the part of your bra that touches the nipples is rough then you could experience pain, a bra that's too loose or too tight and that rubs you the wrong way can make irritating nipples.

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HEAD ACHE - If you have head pains you can't explain, you may have your bra to blame. The tension can get in your muscles from a badly fitting bra can cause headaches.

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Please get the proper bra size, if you can't buy a bra, ask someone for help, buy as many as you can, don't be managing just 1 or 2.

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