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3 Types of Traditional Outfits Worn by Nigerian Ladies

Every culture has its traditional outfit. Traditional attires tell stories and in most cases, have meanings behind their origin. In Nigeria, there are over two hundred and fifty ethnic groups. Each of these groups has traditional outfits peculiar to them. There are also different outfits for different occasions. Keep reading to know some traditional attires to add to your collection.

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1. Oleku outfit. The Oleku outfit stems from the Yorubas in the South Western part of Nigeria. It is an abridged form of the Iro and Buba attire, worn by Yoruba women. The Oleku is a two-piece attire made up of a blouse and a wrapper. You can match your Oleku with a head tie, commonly called gele. Ensure you also use nice accessories. For footwear, you can wear heels or strappy sandals.

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2. Agbadas. Although it is traditionally worn by men. The Agbada attire has evolved in style and can be worn by ladies. You could choose to pair it with trousers, all depending on your choice. You can wear heels, brogues, toms or flats with your Agbada suit. You can also wear sneakers if you are bold enough to rock the look.

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3 . Boubous. The Hausa-Fulani tribes mostly wear long dresses called Jalabiya. You can rock this look with a nice pair of slippers or strappy sandals. Go easy on accessories as you are meant to just have a simple look.

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Culture is truly special and its impact on fashion is important. Choose to look different by wearing any of these outfits to your next occasion. Which one will you get first? Tell me in the comments section

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