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5 Clothing Tips That Will Make You Look Younger And More Youthful

Achieving a youthful and energetic look is possible no matter how old a person is because being stylish or fashionable is not about how wrinkled your skin is or how weak your bones are but about how you can spice up your dresses.

Most people in a bid to look presentable become too rigid and old fashioned when they dress which makes them look even older than how they are, that’s why in this article I have compiled a list of six fantastic dress tips that will help you look younger and more energetic.

1. Brighten up your face: Most people are not aware of the fact that the brighter your face looks, the younger and more positive you will appear. One way of achieving this is by putting on dresses with white collars. Putting on polo shirts works better than blouses here.

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2. Be bold: Whatever your age, you must add a little bit of boldness in wearing accessories. It's good to always add one unexpected and exciting element to your outfits. You can add a bright scarf, blouse, skirt with an unusual or unique print.

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3. A question of colour: The colours we wear has a lot to play with when it comes to our looks. It is essential to note that putting on bright colours like lemon yellow, orange, red, beige, and so on makes you look better than usual. But in wearing bright colours you should opt for dresses with simple and unelaborate designs. Also avoid making colours like black, grey or beige your dominant colour.

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4. Define your waistline: Another tip is to always define your waistline and make it stand out as much as possible. This should be done with discretion and must appear effortless and casual. This can be achieved by casually tucking in your top and letting the rest of the fabric emerge. Another way you can achieve this is if you wear a waist belt, a preferable one with a contrasting colour from the dress.

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5. Add a trendy touch: My last piece of advice is that you should always stay up to date and try to wear trendy attires. In my research, I have found out that most women after they get to a certain age, set aside their interest in fashion and trendy attires. There are trendy, wearable and youthful outfits that you can wear as a mature woman or man.

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