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Iconic Moments Bimbo Ademoye Inspired The Right Fashion Choice For Thick Ladies

Nigeria's entertainment industry is full of so many beauties and fashion experts that keep inspiring new ways we can be better and more advanced in our fashion choices. Hardly would any day pass without us getting cool ideas on how we should go about our fashion game. As fashion lovers, it is important that we do not take these things for granted and what better way to learn about something than to learn from those who are good and successful at it.

Very quickly, I have something for thick ladies through the person of Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye. Thick ladies are those categories of women who are blessed with hips and flesh in the right places. They often present with thin waists which makes it easy for you to visibly see their curves. Anyone who is a Nollywood fan would know that Bimbo Ademoye is a perfect description of a thick lady and her expertise in styling this great body is something most women will appreciate.

From starring in different movies and blessing us with unique talents on screen, Bimbo Ademoye goes further in bringing us great fashion goals off the screen. She uses the great shape she has much to her advantage to create wonderful looks that keep us captivated. I desire to always bring wonderful fashion inspirations and goals to your notice as much as I can. And actress Bimbo Ademoye has inspired a lot that needs to be learned and practiced by ladies who fall under the same body shape as her.

This will give you remarkable insight into what you should be wearing and what you shouldn't be wearing as a thick lady. As far as fashion is concerned, there are outfits for different shades of women. All you need to do is master your shade and discover what best works for you.

So take a seat and enjoy the journey as I analyze the fashion choices of Bimbo Ademoye and how you can benefit from them.

1. Bimbo Ademoye in white

As much as possible, let your outfit be a representation of how you feel. Let it define and give others insight into how you feel. That way you would be able to command attention.

This beautiful piece of white trousers and top signifies peace and love. Let your colours be a good way you can present your emotions through fashion.

2. Orange never looked better

In the journey of fashion, you would not see many outfits designed in orange. This is because this outfit requires some degree of expertise to come out well. But trust me, if you know your way through it, you would love the outcome.

Bimbo Ademoye sure understands the tactics of slaying orange colour.

3. Lady in green

Green symbolizes creation and new beginnings.

Wearing a colour like this signifies so much positivity. You should try on this colour whenever you are feeling positive about a new idea or adventure.

4. Slaying in corporate

Aside from being a beautiful stunner, Bimbo Ademoye likewise knows how to go about her corporate outfit.

She is not only inspiring thick ladies on how to go casual but extends it on to the corporate setting.

5. Party girl vibes

Imagine showing up with this outfit to a party? You would automatically become the life of the party because truth be said, it would take a very high rating fashion to beat this at any event. So you want to catch the most attention at your next party? Let Bimbo Ademoye leather and top outfit be part of your options next time.

I could go on and on about so many times she has greatly inspired us with her fashion.

Let me give room for you to define what you see from her other fashion inspirations. Give them your own definition and as you do that, do not forget to apply the few tips you can notice into your own fashion story. Enjoy.

Picture credit: Bimbo Ademoye's Instagram page.

You can now see how well she has made her mark in this game of fashion and as she is doing that, we do not fail to draw inspiration from them to become better in our fashion life. That's all for today's fashion lovers. Till next article.

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