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3 Essential oils for fairer and glowing skin

Everyone wants to have a fairer skin type and look beautiful. Dark people are now in quest for fairer skin tone and this desire for a perfect skin tone require a good skin care product. But indeed, reverse has always been the case as most people end up using skin care products which ends up making their skin worse than is original condition.

When your skin is fed with the right thing and at the right time, indeed you will observe how beautiful your skin tone will become.

So in article, we are going to discuss 3 essential oils perfect for your skin in order to obtain that beautiful, glowing and farer skin tone you have always wanted.

Have you heard of turmeric essential oil?

Indeed turmeric essential oil is one of the unknown essential oil used in the production and formulation of skin care products which of course makes the skin fairer and even.

Just as people use turmeric face mask on their faces to get rid of facial pimples and dark patches on their face, also is turmeric oil used in skin care products with the sole aim of making the face fairer and beautiful.

Although, turmeric essential oils are highly concentrated oils which are diluted with body lotions or serums before applying on the body and face.

Another essential oil we should know is lemon essential oil; indeed lemon essential oil helps in skin lightening and clarifying dark spots and patches on the skin. it is dermatological advised to dilute your lemon essential oil first before applying on your skin.

It is also advised to know of carrot oil; this oil is the most popularly known oil used in the production of skin care products. Carrot oils are actually the best of all as they are mild on the face and also serve as a moisturizing agent for the face and skin. It has lightening effects on the skin and helps in fighting acnes and pimples on the face.

Content created and supplied by: Nwa-Amadi (via Opera News )


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