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How to make your own body cream (steps)

In this article I will be showing you how to make your own body lotion with all you need to get started, most times many people ask several questions ranging from how to get there own cosmetics brand to how to make a body cream but with a little imagination and a few simple steps, this can be done with some couple of minutes.

At at an early stage of my life i attempted making a jelly at age 15, and several people have asked me about natural skin care and how to maintain healthy and clear skin colour. I tried some verity of creams to solve some skin issues on some poeple and I discovered that the best remedy to certain skin issues is just to make your own brand and use it on daily basis and this is what I did and tried on some of my friends and it really worked perfectly, some of them worked but some of them didn't work as expected.

Below are some ingredients you need to make your own body lotion or cream which you can use in your family or share with friends.


oil is an important ingredient in cream making for example in cream making you turn oil in the original recipe to olive oil, or some other oils like coconut oil, but some people have allergies to coconut so when you use it for cream they might develop problems, so first in making your lotion you have to select the best oil for you and the one you are not allergic to. You can also make a combination of grape seed oil, sunflower and safflower oil. Grape seed contains a great deal of antioxidants which helps in keeping the skin smooth and healthy, safflower have vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E is available in the highest quantity in these oils. You can also use sweet almond oil, macadamia nut. And remember they all All have different properties but are similar and have similar functions in making body lotions. You can use an infused oil such as calendula depending on the one you have available.

2. Another the you need is wax

wax is very important in making your own body lotion. You can use soy wax and bees wax or any other ways available will also be nice work. You may have to tweak the recipe since all waxes are different some harder, some softer. Which ever wax you are using make sure the wax is good and worth using. For example the bees wax can vary by time of the year and and kind of flowers the bees are working with, so you will need to be aware of that also.

3. Water

water is another great ingredient in making your own lotion, you can use just about any type of water that is available but make sure it's clean water. Some poeple like using rain water, though well water or distilled would work too.


The emulsifier is another great ingredient you need to get your cream ready and good to skin, is seen as the last ingredient you will need which is borax, and this is a type of salt. It serves the function of an emulsifier and natural preservative to the lotion.

Below are some more ingredients you May need to make your own cream ready.

Some of this Items are things you can add in small amounts which are butters, like mango butter, shea butter or cocoa butter etc. For this self made body lotion you can add no more than a teaspoon and melt it with your oils. You could also add hemp seed oil or Vitamin E from a capsule when mixing your ingredients. Follow this guide to mix your ingredients In another container, heat the water to boiling. Add the borax and stir up for few minutes. This mixture needs to be kept very hot as well to ensure proper and smooth lotion. Use a towel when handling it. When you have both mixtures hot and melted, slowly pour a small amount of the water into the oil and turn for like five minutes. Do it gently so that it will not bubble and come to the top. Keep turning in the water until it’s all fully mixed together. It should turn to a creamy consistency. If it doesn’t, or if it separates, don’t panic. It just means that one or the other wasn’t hot enough. Keep stirring for a few minutes and then use this soap making trick an immersion blender. It’s the only way to get it creamy if it separates or is too cool. Blend for about 5 minutes, possibly less. You will notice it begin to thicken up and turn creamy. If you don’t have an immersion blender, you can use a hand blender, but know that they could add extra air to it. When it’s blended and creamy, add a few drops of your essential oil.Add more if desired, use about 10 drops for this size batch. When the desired consistency and scent is achieved, transfer to clean containers.

If you find this helpful kindly drop your comments and share with friends.

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