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Tomato Juice For Your Hair

Tomato juice is very good for your hair it contains a lot of vitamins and gives nourishment to your hair.

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Another benefit of putting tomato juice in your hair is to add a glossy sheen to it tired and dry strands of hair.

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A tomato hair mask can help improve scalp blood circulation thanks to the nutrients while the acidic nature can help with issues such as fungus on the scalp which can inhibit growth and give you a constant irritating look.

Tomato mixed with Honey

For a mixture that uses the strength of tomatoes mixed with the moisturizing properties of honey, this is a great hair mask for when hair needs a revived look.

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You can also use it for skin! It is perfect for when your face feels oily and needs a boost especially those with oily skin. The vitamins will pop the skin colors up while the acidity will remove excess oils and keep it clean.

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Honey Tomato Tomato Juice For Your


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