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18+ Ladies only:5 things men love and want

As a lady, especially if you're single and searching, you're very concerned about how to please the opposite gender. You spend money on make up, expensive clothing, jeweleries and all sort of things to enhance your beauty. I'm not condemning that at all, but there's more to that. If you are below 18 then this post isn't meant for you. This article is for matured minds only.

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1) The first thing a responsible man wants from a lady is RESPECT: Like I said earlier, it's good to look and dress nice because this is actually one of the first thing that gets guys attracted. Do you know that guys have this wild pride or ego? They want to be respected. A Man wants a lady that will respect his views and opinions, a lady that will acknowledge him as the head of the relationship. They don't like it when their someone hurts their pride with disrespect. If you feel your partner doesn't love you, then try respecting him more and you'll be surprise at how blissful your relationship will turn into. Don't only give him respect, give his family members especially his Mum and his friends too. No one wants an ill mannered partner.

2) Men loves and wants a Lady that will SUPPORT him: Ladies, it's not all about your curves and high fashion taste. Do you support him? Do you encourage him to reach his zenith? Are you his biggest fan? A man wants a lady that will support him, a lady that will see the beauty of his dreams. Engage in deep conversations, tell him about innovative business ideas. You should be able to support and cheer him up when he's down. If he loses his job, give him a deep hug and tell him everything will be alright. If he tells you about a business idea he will like to venture into, support it and give him words of encouragement. If you don't really like it you can give your personal views though. A sensible man will never leave a lady that pushes him to be the best, a lady that supports and believes in him.

3) What can you bring to the table? Men love financially independent ladies. It's so disheartening how some ladies think the man is meant to carry all the financial burdens. Men love independent ladies. Every man wants a woman that won't be a pest instead of an asset. I'm asking that question again, what can you bring to the table? What can you offer? Stop depending on him for your everyday needs. Learn a trade or start a business. There are days that will be tough for the guy and that's why you're a partner, you're supposed to help him out. Ladies who are financially independent attracts men because they're considered as assets.

4)Ladies that can economize and are resourceful: As funny as you may think this sounds, men loves and wants ladies that can economize and are resourceful. No one will tolerate someone that always wastes his/her money on irrelevant things. If you're able to create something big out of a little thing, if you're wise when it comes to spending money, if you can help him to maximize his budget, believe me, every guy will yearn for you. Avoid gratification, when he gives you something little, surprise him by making something magnificent out of it.

5) Men loves and wants ladies that are presentable: Remember I told you earlier that I'm not against you buying clothes and jewelries. Yes, because a man wants a presentable woman. Someone that he can boast about to his friends. You don't necessarily need to have a very high fashion tastes or large budget. You can simply buy normal dresses that will make you look smart, use deodorants, put on smart shoes. You can even start a skin routine. You can slay on a low budget. Get casual but nice dresses.

If you're respectful to him and his family, if you support him and don't compare him with his counterparts, if you're financially independent, if you can economize and spend wisely and finally if you're presentable, you'll be naturally loved, wanted and accepted by men.

I hope you've learnt one or two things.

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