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Dress Style


Street Style Fashion From Around The World

Also referred to as street wear, street style fashion is used to describe a style of casual clothing that was born from normal street wear, and it combines several elements into one. These elements could be from hiphop, pop culture, and a varied of other sources. This style of clothing gained global popularity in the 1990s, and since then, has completely evolved into what it is today. Today, all over the world, different interpretations of this style exists, and each one is just as fascinating as the next.

All over the world, it is celebrated as a new form of culture that liberates people, especially young people, from the old culture and outdated dressing standards.

Here are some beautiful examples of street style fashion that are making waves all over the world.

1. In Nigeria

2. In Ghana

3. In Germany

4. In Australia

Street style is taking the world by storm!

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