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Two Different Ways To Look Nice When You Wear Printed Native Attires

Printed fabrics are usually designed with art like pictures, flowers, colors, etc. You can look very beautiful with printed fabrics if you know how to combine them with the right accessories.


Prints can be made on Ankara, lace, Senegalese and even cotton fabrics. Anyone you choose will definitely look good on you.


Here's how to look beautiful when you wear printed native outfits;

1. Your head wrap should be made of the same fabric that is used to sew clothes.You can only use a different head wrap if the material used in making your clothes is very small.

2. Use a shoe that also has multiple colors. Remember that printed native attire usually has different colors, so it won't be nice if you put on a foot wear that has only one color and design.

3. Don't leave your hair unkept. If you don't have the money to plait it, you can still cut it. You are free to accessorize your hair with frills and colored bands.

Content created and supplied by: Cocofashion (via Opera News )

Ankara Senegalese


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