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3 Types of Bags To Add To Your Collection

Bags are a must-have for every modern woman. There are several types of bags designs. Bags are also made from materials like leather, fabrics of all kinds, straw, etc. With every year or season, the trend for bags changes. Keep reading to know more about the Bag trends for 2021. 

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1. Phone Bags. These are perfect to literally keep your phones. You can also keep a few items in this micro bag. A phone bag is perfect for running errands and other casual outings. You can hold it just like a handbag or use a criss-cross strap. 

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2. Oversized bags. A great contrast to phone bags; oversized bags are really big just as the name implies. There are a thousand and one things that you can fit into your oversized bag. You also have a lot of choices as there are a lot of designs available.       


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3. Suede bags. These are classic and have trended year in, year out. The Suede material is used to make the bag. There are various patterns and designs used in the making of suede bags. Though you will need to care especially for your suede bags, you can never go wrong with choosing this trendy bag. Suede bags are available in plenty of shapes and sizes; you are free to choose the most suitable one for you.

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Bags have ever been in style and will always be functional. Which of these trendy bags will you add to your collection? Tell me in the comments below. Check back for more related articles. 

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