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Men's Styling Tips for Floral Shirts

The popular assumption is that floral fabrics are feminine; hence, men should stay far away from them. However, the trend has changed. Many men have made their way into floral materials through Hawaiian shirts and other similar clothes. Floral prints are as adorable on men as they are on women. 

Floral shirts can be hard to pair with different outfits, but that doesn't make them unfit for a man's body. It all depends on how you wear it and what you combine it with. If you aren't sure how you can wear yours, learn more in this article.

Don't pair two different floral prints together 

The first rule of wearing floral fabrics is not to wear two different patterns together. Even if they look stunning, avoid this as much as you can.

Wear with plain color

If you want to stand out in your floral prints, the rest of your outfits should be plain or neutral colors. You may also choose black or navy as your bottom. The neutral color you choose will also depend on the floral color. However, ensure it is not too bright.

Know the right time to wear the colors 

It is best to wear bright colored floral prints when the sun comes out best and dark patterns when chilling.

Choose natural fabrics 

Natural fabrics include linen and cotton. They should be your go-to because they are breathable and light on the body.

Blend your style with the occasion

When you are on the beach or a vacation, you can wear your shirt button-down. However, you can tuck in for casual business meetings, casual Fridays, and cocktail parties.

Choose the right footwear

Since floral shirts are more of a casual and relaxed occasion, it is best to go with flats, including sandals, sneakers, moccasins, and boat shoes.

Content created and supplied by: FemiFashion (via Opera News )

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