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Check Out these 5 Skirt and Blouse Styles

Skirt just like gown and trouser is a very popular female dress in the market, it comes in different colors, size and styles depending on the users preferences. Skirt is very peculiar to women unlike trouser and that's one of the reasons why many religions see it as a sign of decency.

Growing up in this part of the world we got the orientation that male and female dress are different until ladies started rocking trousers.

It's important to note that skirt is one of the oldest female dress in the market. Skirt remains unique because it offers comfort to any lady putting it on.

Here we have different designs, styles of skirt and blouse that you will like to have in your collection.

How do you like your skirt, long or short? 

What's your view on ladies wearing trouser these days? 

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