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How to Revamp Your Old Weavons

Weavons are nice because they are a great investment for ladies, especially the more expensive ones. And if you have an idea for how to refurbish your old weavons, you're in luck because refurbishing them will make them last a long time.

No matter the type of attachment or weavon you buy or the amount you spend to acquire them, there is a limited time frame in which they can last.

They may look so beautiful and shinny today, but a time will surely come when they will start to look tangled and unattractive. When this happens, you may be tempted to discard the old weavons. But if the weavon cost you a huge amount of money to acquire, you’d need to think twice about doing that.

The perfect thing to do when your weavons and wigs start getting old and unattractive is to revamp them. You can revamp them without visiting a hairdresser. You can do it easily from the comfort of your home. Hairstylists can also follow these methods for their customers' weaves.

Here are the various steps to follow whenever you want to revamp your old weavons.


1. formal introductory phraseStart by detangling the weavons;

you can actually make use of your bare hands to detangle the hair and remove those little knots that might be in the weavon. Then you can now make use of any wide-toothed comb or hairbrush that is available at the moment to further loose the hair. Whenever you start combing the hair, please make sure you start with the tip of the hair and then gently move to the top so as not to pull out any strands of your hair. Try to continue combing the hair up until it is tangle-free.

 Do not add any water at this stage while detangling the hair, but if the weavon is in a very critical condition, you are free to add a very small amount of hair conditioner to make it easier to detangle.

2. Try to get your warm water ready;

Since you cannot determine or ascertain the nature and type of weavon, whether it is actually heat-resistant or doesn't resist heat, it's best to use lukewarm water to be sure you aren't making any mistakes. 

Lukewarm water can go with any type of weavon, be it synthetic, curly, or even human hair.

3. Soak the weavon for about 40-45 minutes.

Add a little quantity of shampoo to the water and soak the weavon for about 40-45 minutes in order to allow the dirt to settle very well. Then wash properly and rinse. When washing, make sure you are not very hard on the weavon as it will only tangle the weave more.

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