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Bags That Get You Noticed At Every Occasion

A quality handbag is a true companion. It not only holds all your essentials while you're running out and about, it also tells others just how well put together you are. A girl who pays attention to the details of her accessories - the handbag being one of the most important - is a girl who is well put together in general. With the right handbag you can double the impact your outfit can make.

Can a girl ever really have enough handbags? The answer should be 'NO'.There should be different bags for different occasions to make your dressing more glam and classy.

The Party/Evening purse

When picking out your party purse, girls, ask yourself the following questions: Silk or Satin? Beaded or Fabric? Clutch or Chain-link? Old or New? Small or Teeny? Bags for nighttime should satisfy your deepest purse pleasures. Your night bags should not necessarily be in leather and should not be large as you only need room for your lipstick and powder. Go wild with a small, sparkling purse or a fun vintage gold lamay evening clutch.

Chic style office bag

Every woman needs a decent work bag. After all, it's likely to be one you use all week, so it should make a sophisticated statement about you. Most office bags ideally should come in black or brown. It should be big enough to contain all your stuff - some official items, your complete make-up bag, your perfume to refresh you as you work. It should have at least two separate pockets that can take some personal effects and big enough to take your work folders, phone and wallet.

Beaded purse

The beaded purse is the essence of elegance and sophistication. In the old days, extravagant jewels and beads adorned handbags as a sign of opulence and status but, these days, every girl can carry a sparkling, beaded bag just because she wants to! Beaded bags run the gamut from elegant evening numbers to fun, sassy, daytime dazzlers. A girl can have a beaded purse that features one big jewel on the buckle or clasp or one with many tiny little sparkles to catch a wandering eye. Beads come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes to create an endless amount of design possibilities.

Casual bag

This comes best in moderate size that can take your basic items like your phone, money purse and a little of your make-up. Not necessarily elaborate but it should be classy and can go with you anywhere.

The Accessory Handbag

They say you can tell the true character of a girl by the attention she pays to her accessories. The all important accessories - shoes, jewelry, scarves, the Accessory handbag - will make or break your outfit. Moderation is the key to accessorising. Large earrings with a chunky necklace and an oversized bracelet is probably just a little bit more than you need so keep it simple. The same goes true for your handbag. You don't want to overwhelm a delicate dress you've just spent money on with an oversized tote. And save the elegant beaded bag for nighttime.

Bridal purse

It's your big day and the one thing you won't want to forget is your purse. The bridal purse is secondary of course to the dress, the veil, the jewelry and perhaps, the shoes. But, a fashionable bride will make sure that her bridal purse is never far away on this all important day. Your bridal purse should be just as special as everything else on your wedding day and should match in feel and tone to the rest of your ensemble.If your dress and wedding are on the casual side, carry a more casual bag; but, do make sure it is special because it will hold a special place in your heart from this day forward.

Best of luck.

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