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Do You Have Rashes? Mix Kerosene And Water And Apply It To Eliminate Rashes. See Procedure Below.

Rashes or 'prickly heat' as more defined people like to call it is a type of reaction the body makes to excessive heat or congestion or simply to allergies.

It is a very disturbing state to be in as Rashes can be itchy at times. It consists of tiny red bumps that gather around in a particular part on the skin.

In case you do not know what rashes is this is a picture below.

In that case the rashes gathered up at the shoulder region, as you can see they are nasty tiny red itchy bumps.

To eliminate rashes it doesn't take too much money or time as it is not really a serious issue.

Simply apply the mixture of Kerosene and Water by rubbing it on the affected region and leaving it to dry.

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