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For Mothers: Four Categories Of Native Outfits Specifically For Village And Traditional Meetings

As a mother, you need to understand that village and traditional meetings will definitely come up several times a year, and the best you can do is to prepare ahead.

The categories of outfits displayed here are not for village meetings alone; they are also used for several other events.

Here are the four categories:

1. Gowns made of damask fabric: One of the advantages of wearing damask fabric gowns is that they can be worn not only for village meetings but for a variety of other occasions, even outside of the village setting.


2. Off-shoulder tops: Gone are the days when off-shoulder tops were seen as outfits for single women alone. These days, off-shoulders can be worn by aged women too.


3. A skirt and a blouse with an extra wrapper: the extra wrapper would be worn on the hand or shoulder. You can also enhance the beauty of your face by wearing head wraps.


4. Ankara tops and jeans: If you are not comfortable with trousers, you are free to use a skirt.

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