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Skin Care

Choosing The Right Colour Of Outfits For Your Skin

When you wear outfits with colours that are right for your skin, it usually gives you more fit than usual other outfits but I bet most men do not know this. In this article, I will give you a few tips on how to choose outfits based on your complexion.

To keep things simple, however, I will classify the skin colour types into 3 broad categories; The light skin tone, the dark skin tone and the chocolate skin tone. The images will help you understand the concept better. Let's get into it. 

1. The light skin tone

If your skin colour falls in this category, you want to consider wearing more outfits with darker shades of colours such as deep blue, deep green, dark shades of red, etc as your main outfit. If you're going on neutrals which is okay for all skin colour types, consider matching the neutral piece with a darker shade of colour to give a balanced look.

2. Moderately /chocolate skin tone

Most Nigerian guys or men fall into this category and are often good to go with nearly any colour of outfit and in different shades. However, if you have a chocolate skin colour tone, ensure you do not wear too much colour at a time. If you're wearing neutral colours such as white, or beige, ensure to mix it with either a bold or a brick colour for balance except you're wearing a darker shade of a neutral colour. 

3. Dark skin tone

If you have a dark skin tone, you are very unique and can rock many colours from light tone to dark shades as well. However, it is best for you as a dark skin person to wear brighter shades of coloured outfits to also ensure more fitting of your outfit. It is advisable you do less dark blue or dark brown outfits except you're popping it with a noticeable colourful accessory or complementing it with bold colour outerwear.

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