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Get Rid of Belly Fat With These Simple Home ingredients

Belly fat is a problem that most middle aged woman and some adolescents might face

And there are a lot solutions and quick hacks that might actually work or might be doing damage to your body, so im going to tell you a way that have seen work and have also tried out and seen positive result. It contains mostly natural ingredients and cannot give any harm if this method does not work for you

I need not mention that everybody has different kinds of body so if this doesn’t work for you, you can check any of my other posts or try the other option

You’ll need:

A clove of garlic

Two ginger roots

Two medium sized red onions

A bottle of coke(optional)

You may blend and drink it whole, or juice it

Try to take it at night before you sleep and when you wake up in the morning

You should notice changes in your body weight and start to feel more comfortable after 2 weeks

Just make it into a simple routine and try to eat less sugar and more proteins to improve your diet

Please drop a comment if this works for you or you have done this before  

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