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Ex BBN Star, Lilo On Short Or Long Hair, Which Do you Prefer? See How Fans Voted Online

So many people in the world have their own definition of beauty. As a popular saying goes "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", It simply means everyone has different perspective on what beauty is.

However, it is my opinion that despite the fact that the concept of beauty is unique to each person, there is still a sort of universally accepted yardstick for beauty, this shouldn't be so.

In many part of the world, for a woman to be considered beautiful, her hair plays a major role, hence it is no wonder why many woman pay rapt attention to it. 

Recently, an ex big brother Naija housemates decided to change her hairstyle by cutting her hair short instead of the popular long hair.The housemate is no other than Lilo.She changed her hairstyle from long to short. 

An online blog then decided to ask fans of their opinion and whether they liked her new look, they were asked to choose between her long hair and short hair. See how they voted. It is obvious that Lilo is beautiful no matter what she's putting on 

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