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5 Shoes Men Wear That Women Hate

You may not believe it, but women notice more about your styling than other men. It's in their nature to check and recheck. One of the things that strike them is your footwear. Good pairs of shoes signify classy men, and a woman will always point it out when you show you are capable. However, some men are guilty of wearing some shoes, and women hate them. We conducted a brief research, asked a sample of women, and we will share the results with you below.

1. White loafers with a different stitching

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Just like the picture above, loafers with matching stitching are the best. A white loafer, however, makes it more glaring. Just imagine A black or brown stitching on a shite loafer or any other shoes. It doesn't just blend.

2. Rubber flip-flop in a smart outfit

Except you are at the beach or at a house party where you are working and partying, the flip floor remains errand wear. Wearing it on a supposed sharp outfit flops the aesthetics.

3. Chunky or high sneakers 

These sneakers belong to the basketball court or gym and are not casual clothes. If you need to wear sneakers, try dress sneakers, low-top sneakers, or lightweight sneakers.

4. Slides

Would you please keep them in the washroom or your compound? Women don't want to see them on you.

5. Square toed dress shoes

If we were in the 90s, I could understand the point of these shoes, but not in 2021. These shoes are scary for some women. You should stop wearing them as they are out of date and style.

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