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Ladies, Check Out Different Ways You Can Pair Your Ankara And Lace Materials

Combining lace with Ankara is one of the most unique and eye-catching ways to create a brand new, completely unique, and completely you outfit.

Since Ankara typically features a variety of colorful prints and lace typically features plain prints, combining the two is a great way to demonstrate your flair for style.

Patches made of the African fabric Ankara add a splash of color and aesthetic appeal to many different types of clothing. Wearing Ankara with lace is always a good idea because the two fabrics complement each other beautifully.

Short Dresses.

The main body of your short dresses can be made from newer, trendier fabrics, while the older, more classic fabrics can be used for design.

This type of garment could be made out of Ankara and maybe some lace. The damaged areas of the dress could be patched up with lace to restore the garment to its former glory, allowing you to once again look stunning whenever you wore it.

Long Gowns

Long dresses made from two different materials are still an option. Dresses can be made more stunning by adding lace as an accent.

You could use Ankara to sew the bodice of your dress back together for a one-of-a-kind look.

Midi Dresses

You will love experimenting with this one-of-a-kind and sophisticated look. Patchwork midi-length dresses can be made with some bright Ankara and lace fabrics.

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African Ankara Short Dresses


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