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Skin Care

Health Risks of Viral Use of Intimacy Lube On the Face as Makeup Primer

TikTok makeup artists are using personal lubricant as a primer, saying it helps their foundation go on smoothly. But some dermatologists think there could be adverse effects to this trend. Makeup artist and TikToker Lukas Kohutek first used lube as a primer in February 2019 and hasn't stopped. Back then, the technique didn't get much attention. But it has exploded since that time.

Recently castor oil has been a popular addition to use with primers as it smoothes out the skin and pores. It can act as a humectant, which helps to draw water into the skin to provide moisturization. However, there are a lot of concerns from a dermatological perspective. Its thick nature can lead to clogged pores which would not be ideal for acne-prone patients. In addition, the layer of castor oil on the skin can be an attractant for bacteria and dirt. In very sensitive patients that have conditions such as atopic dermatitis or who are prone to contact allergies, castor oil may not be the best product to use. These patients are better off using the tried and true commercial skin primers.

What Should I Use Instead?

Ultimately, flawless-looking makeup starts with a good skin care practice. Long-term use of medical-grade skincare products with active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, and glycolic acid can also improve the texture of the skin, which will ultimately lead to flawless makeup application.

With so many beauty and skincare influencers touting their favorite hacks and products, it can be difficult to find reliable information on what your skin needs. The safest way would be to speak to a dermatologist or aesthetic practitioner face to face or virtually who will be able to perform a skin analysis and advise the appropriate medical-grade products for your skin.

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