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The funniest male and female hair styles I have ever seen. (See pictures)

Our facial looks are greatly affected by the kind of hairstyle we wear. Both male and female are witnesses to this. As a matter of fact, there are various styles of hair which one can wear to make their faces and appearances look different from the way we have previously known them. Again, there are some hairstyles that our folks will wear and we may find it kind of difficult to recognize them. Some of these hairstyles make us look beautiful, cute, and handsome. Some others make us look ugly and weird as compared to other more appealing styles, and it is always advisable for one to go with the style that best suits his or her person. Some people purposely keep certain kinds of hairstyle to make them look awkward or fierce for whatever reason they may have, and also, we may tend to guess what sort or kind of person an individual is, by the kind of hairstyle they wear. 

In the corporate world for instance, it is believed that men should wear a low cut hair or go on bare skin on the head (skull). Also there are certain hairstyles (like a man with dreadlocks) that a person may wear and go for an interview, and such a person will be regarded as an unserious fellow. 

However, certain industries have a kind of hairstyle that is appealing to them and such hairstyles may even serve as a factor and opportunity to attract fans and attention which will eventually sell their brand. In the music and entertainment industry for instance, you see all manner of hairstyles which are fashionable, and the average person who views their clips tend to copy such trends and use them in their everyday life. 

In the Nigerian setting for example, some parents and guardians who see their children and wards imitating such fashionable trends begin to have issues with their kids as they do not support them to do such. They even advise them and try to educate them that those people are only wearing those hairstyles for entertainment purposes, and they the children are up and coming in their life's experiences and various fields of endeavours, and if they should imitate such, since it is not in line with their career perspectives, they may miss certain opportunities. Meanwhile, these folks who wish to delve into the entertainment field may be allowed and encouraged to portray such trends. 

Nonetheless, it is understood that we all have different interests and our personalities are also different, and we all do not like the same things, which means that it is not the same things that will fit us all. In this regard, it advised that one should go with a kind of hairstyle that fits them. 

In this post, we bring you a picture gallery of funny hairstyles. 

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