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Check Out These Vintage Tops And How You Can Wear Them

Every girl loves to have a vintage shirt or top in her closet as it is capable of giving a very beautiful casual look, take me on a launch date look or you can even wear it to the beach with a pair of shorts. And trust me, it also comes in handy as a summer dress, so be sure you are going to feel very comfortable during summer. A vintage top can give you a sassy look whereby you have your hair neatly tied to a bun, it can also give you a confident and free feel. So you can pair these tops with a jean trouser, a skirt and if the shirt you have is a bit bigger than you then you can try wearing it with a pencil skirt. A big shirt would also go with a trouser and a nice pair of canvas, it all depends on the occasion.

Check out the tops I have for you, you can easily get them from a boutique and they are not too expensive so no need to worry, check out what you like, get your top, maybe a pair of shades and head to comfort.

I do hope you like them!

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