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The real meaning and origin of leg chains

Leg chains are very controversial and it spark so much Rumuors and crazy opinions. Some people wear leg chains to beautify the legs while some wear leg chains for fashion purposes alone. But whether you like it or not, leg chains has it's significant meaning which I will be sharing as we move on but first, I have to ask, do you wear waist beads? Do you know the meaning of what you are Wearing? Why do you wear waist beads? For the men, can you date a woman that wears waist beads? Please answer this before we move on.

Here is the real reason and originality of leg chain.

Some people say leg chains have a Slavic origin, it started from the slave trade days and it's just being modernized now.

Another meaning of leg chain is that, it signifies a married woman who is ready to affairs with another man after getting permission from her husband.

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