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African wears, from the western to the eastern Nigeria.

Today we are going to talk about some African native wears

Let's begin with some of them like :


This is a clothing made mostly be the western Nigeria is mostly decorated with some embodiment of clean shiny stitches to give them there western look... Most of them are made for men... But can be worn by women mostly eastern...

Ise agu

This is the native cloth of the eastern Nigeria is made from quality materials... And is of a very high value but in money and materials...

From the name... It is made and decorated with the head of a tiger, indicating that it accumulates respect and carries glory like that of the tiger... It also indicates some spiritual powers... That is to say... It is used to show or tell who is a leader or father spiritually .The ise agu is not just a cloth.. It's a tradition, it's shows power and authority.

That's it for today... Till I come your way next time...

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African Ise Nigeria


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