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How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally

Over the years, many people have tried all they can to lighten their skin. Some even go as far as undergoing surgeries or applying bleaching creams to lighten their skin. While some people may not do this, they use makeup to have that lightening effect but that's just a temporary solution and they'll go back to their normal skin once the makeup has been removed.

Shea butter contains a high level of vitamin E, vitamin A and triterpene acetate which are all very good for skin lightening. Shea butter also has many other benefits like, it gets rid of wrinkles, stretch marks and many other things.


3 tbs shea butter

2 tbs coconut oil

Lemon (optional) 

How to use it

To use Shea butter for skin lightening, mix the shea butter with coconut oil and leave to melt. When it melts, apply on the skin and leave overnight. Use this everyday until you see results. You can also squeeze the juice from lemon and add to the mixture.

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